From the Band Leader

BOOK EARLY! Whether booking the David Cooley Band or another reception band, I suggest as soon as you make your decision, book it! Certain dates fill up faster than others and it can be somewhat random from year to year. When you receive your contract, review, sign off, and return with deposit ASAP. Don't lose the band you really want for your wedding day.

AS SOON AS YOU BOOK, start thinking about your first dance and father/daughter dance tune selections. If your father will not be attending, consider a stand-in (uncle, brother, best man). If you have other special requests, submit them as soon as possible after you book. Don't leave these details 'til the last minute or you may not get what you desire. That said, it's your wedding. You don't have to do any special dances, bouquet toss, etc. Make yourself comfortable with the celebration.

APPOINT A DESIGNATED HELPER – someone who will be a liaison between you and the band. Even if you've hired a professional coordinator or your reception venue provides one with their fee, pick a friend or someone from your bridal party to check in with and to keep things organized between you and the band, caterer, coordinator, etc. Remember – your bridal party (especially the bridesmaid and best man) are there to serve you on your special day. Don't be shy about asking them to "take care of biz" so you can relax and enjoy yourself – that's a big part of their “job” as attendants to the bride and groom. You might even call on them to help with a few details during the planning stages to lighten your load.

QUESTIONS? ASK, ASK, ASK – consult your band leader! David Cooley is available to answer questions, address concerns, and make suggestions from the time you book until you climb into the limo at the end of the reception.

DON'T WORRY ABOUT BAND BREAKS. At weddings, the timing of all the incidentals (cake cutting, speeches, etc.) make playing times and break times a bit irregular. If there's a long break because of non-music activities, the band will make it up by playing an extra long set. Rest assured – you’ll get your money's worth from the David Cooley Band.

DON'T BE APOLOGETIC in asking for what you want, when you want it. The David Cooley Band is at your reception to provide a service to you and your family. We're there for you – feel free to let us know exactly what you desire.

HAVE FUN with it! Enjoy the process. This will make the reception even more terrific!

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