David Cooley has been wowing crowds with his passion and talent for music since his days as the second grader who conducted his schoolís orchestra. His lifelong commitment to music, song, and dance has included tours and performances across the U.S. and around the world. Along the way, heís worked with guitar and piano masters and has immersed himself in pop, rock, blues, jazz, and swing.

A bandleader, musician, singer, and songwriter, David offers a unique entertainment experience that spans four generations of American pop music. His original tunes are well-crafted, soulful, fun, and express a savvy range of influences from honky tonk, to rock, country, R&B groove and pop ballads.

Dancing has played a huge part in Davidís music and shows. One of his originals, "Belly Up to the Bar of Love," is a reflection of what can happen, and has happened, on the dance floor.

Performing is David's pleasure, his passion, and a significant part of his life. The stage is his living room, and he loves to entertain his guests.

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